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 Wedding Information

Holy Matrimony:

Holy Matrimony, generally called (Marriage), and is sacred within the Church. Two people are bound for life by the sacrament. In the Catholic tradition the couple being married are the ministers of the sacrament, with the priest or deacon celebrating and witnessing the Sacrament of Matrimony. The center of the Catholic marriage ritual is the exchange of vows. It is traditional that rings are also exchanged, as well as other rituals to symbolize the joining of their two lives.

Marriage is about LOVE not gender:

Here at Saint Francis Ecumenical Catholic Church, we encourage "ALL Loving Couples", regardless of your sexual orientation the traditional Catholic Sacrament and Catholic Church Setting for your most sacred celebration. Noninclusive circumstances, that are so denied by other churches may prevent couples from celebrating a true catholic marriage ceremony.  We  are committed  to being an inclusive community and warmly welcome "All" at Saint Francis, to include also the:  divorced, same sex, (LGBTQ).
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