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Saint Francis' Exciting and Transforming Bible Study Group 
Bible Study Group Introduction


First and foremost, I would like to Thank You All for taking this exciting  step forward as we devoutly engage in a deeper study of God’s Word. Here at St. Francis we individually and as a group will discover a spiritually moving and transforming gathering place. As we read into God's Word with discernment, reflection, and remain confident in knowing that the inspirational scripts are the Word of God. Being in communion with God on a deeper, personal level,  will allow us  to become aware of ourselves in a more complete comforting peace. Through the Spirit of God, we will find a greater purpose along the paths we will search out. In the same way we will find that immeasurable possibilities will begin to develop in our own lives. Reading through the Bible with enthusiasm and discernment and faithfully participating in this Bible Study Group will surely expose you to an exciting journey into the Bible. You will be enlightened with new discoveries on every page, every day, along the way. Now let's get started!

Our Bible Study Group is still on hiatus for the summer. It will resume again on Wednesday September 18th at the home of Michael Maurice in Largo. For the first 3 weeks they will be finishing up the gospel book of Matthew which they left off working on last spring. They will then begin with the gospel book of Mark on Wednesday October 9th. Please speak with Michael for more information about the bible study.

St. Francis' Community Members Bible Study, CLICK ON LINK below simply REPLY with your Name and Email Address: We"ll reach you ASAP with further information.  (You are welcome to join at anytime) +

Michael Maurice: Worship and Education Ministry

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