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May 12, 2024


O Lord, hear my voice, for I have called to you; of you my heart has spoken: Seek his face; hide not your face from me, alleluia.

         First Reading                                       Second Reading                                              Gospel__

Acts of the Apostles 1:15-17                    1 John 4: 11-16                                         John 17: 11-19


Jesus' prayer also highlights the role of the Church. He asks for God’s protection over His followers from the evil one, indicating the challenges they will face from the world. The Church is seen as a beacon of God’s light in a sometimes-dark world, a community where believers support one another.

Unity is a key theme in Christianity. Jesus desires that we, as His followers, are united in belief and purpose just as He is united with the Father. This unity is not about being the same in every way; instead, it's about working together towards a common goal—loving God and loving others.

Jesus acknowledges that His followers are not of the world, even as He is not of it. However, He does not ask for them to be taken out of the world but to be protected from evil. This is a powerful reminder for us. While we are part of this world, we are also called to live by the values of God’s kingdom—values that often contrast with worldly attitudes.

Jesus sends us into the world just as the Father sent Him. This mission is not easy. It involves proclaiming the truth and living out our faith in a way that might not always be popular or accepted. But it is what we are called to do.


GOD’S  Blessings

Feast of the Asension May 12, 2024

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The Holy Eucharist


In Christ's Love & Peace

Each Sunday  10:30 am


The Interfaith Food Pantry is now open to clients Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The hours of operation will continue to be 9:30 am - 1:00.  pm  located at:

         9530 Starkey Rd, Seminole, FL 33777


If you wish to donate to the IFP, here is a list of items that are needed at this time.

Cereal - the food pantry does not buy cereal, so donations are important.

Other Items:

Soup (not broth), Ramen Noodles, Tuna (cans), Meat (stew, Spam, ham, chicken, etc.), Fruit (cans), Vegetables (cans), Pork & Beans (Baked Beans), Instant Oatmeal (indiv. pkgs), Breakfast Bars, Chef Boyardee, Manwich, Hash, Chili Spaghetti or Pasta (boxes), Spaghetti Sauce (Pasta Sauce), Pudding & Jello (small boxes), Peanut Butter Jelly/Jam (no glass), White Potatoes (cans or pkgs), Coffee-ground (no K-cups or flavors), Plain White Rice (not Minute), Mac & Cheese, Cereal (boxes), Black Beans, Misc. Beans (not dry), Tomatoes (Diced, Sauce, Paste), Tea Bags (not Family Size or Iced Tea), Crackers (in sleeves) Brownie Mix, Stuffing, Gravy (cans).

Not needed: Snacks, Candy, Beverages (no juice, soda, etc)


Thank You and God's Blessings! 



Church Council Meeting

May 11, 2024 10:00 am



To our Church Social gatherings after Sunday Mass 



Hope To See You Soon



At Saint Francis

Ecumenical Catholic Communion 

We Celebrate Unity in Diversity

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Homily Summary for the Feast of the Ascension

Today we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord.  The followers of Jesus, once again, are  experiencing a letting-go of Jesus after his resurrection.  It’s almost like a repeat performance in that right after the crucifixion  the disciples were to be found behind locked doors.  They eventually emerged from that room and experienced the resurrected Jesus many times between Easter and the Ascension. I wonder how comfortable they got with having the risen Christ around.  I think they got use to Jesus being around and then Jesus tells them he has to return to the Father in order for the Spirit to come.

Letting-go was not easy for these early followers nor is it easy for us.  Often following Jesus today means we have to let go of experiencing God in a certain way and be open to experiencing God in a new and different way.  As the disciples saw Jesus ascend to the heavens, they had to be told stop looking up to the heavens and get on with the mission you are to be about.  In other words, stop holding onto the Jesus you were comfortable with.  God will not abandon you, but you will experience God in a new and varied ways by the sending of the Spirit which we will celebrate next Sunday, Pentecost.   We know that they stopped looking up  and hopefully they went on the mission that Jesus commissioned them to do.

The mission of Jesus was/is to proclaim the generosity and forgiveness of God.  Yet, I wonder if they started their mission then and there.  Did they go once again to the room behind locked doors?  One thing is for sure despite the number of times they hide behind locked doors  the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will also break through our defenses, our isolation, and bring about forgiveness and love into their hearts…into our hearts,  The message is simple stop looking up.  Stop holding onto the past and let God ‘s presence be revealed in new and different ways.  Let the Spirit in the rooms of our lives, and let the Spirit unlock the bitterness and hurt behind our locked doors. This is experienced by realizing the forgiveness of God.  Our sin(s) are but a bucket of water poured into an ocean of Love.  As God forgives let us do the same.

   Three men die and meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter says to the first one, “Let’s see, according to the report I have on you, you’ve led an outstanding life. You’ve never been in trouble with the law, you haven’t committed any major sins, and you’ve belonged to the Community Church. You can go right on into heaven.” 

The first man opens the gates and walks in.

St. Peter says to the second man, “It says here that you’ve basically led a good life. However, you were involved in some mischief as a young man and fudged a little bit on your income taxes in 1998. You can go into heaven, but first you’ll have to spend a little time in purgatory to repent from your sins.” 

The man shuffles off to Purgatory, grateful because it could have been worse!

St. Peter says to the third man, “You have had a very troubled life … you broke into a convenience store, you stole a car, you got into a fistfight with your neighbor. Why, you’ve broken all 12 of the 10 commandments! I’m afraid I have no choice. You will have to go and suffer in hell.” 

The third man sadly walks off toward hell. Then, suddenly, St. Peter stops him.

“Hey, wait a second!” Peter says, “Isn’t that a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jacket you’re wearing? You’re a Buc’s fan?”

“Yes, been one my whole life,” says the man.

“Forget it,” St. Peter says. “Come on into heaven. You’ve suffered enough already.”

No matter how many times we get stuck looking up at the skies or hiding behind locked doors the Lord will find us and continue to forgive and love us.  We need to be open to how all-inclusive God’s love is for us.  We need to do the same in our lives.  Amen!

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